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Zachert Private Equity takes over incorporated companies with negative contribution margins for the short term from corporate groups or owners, who do not want to get involved in restructuring efforts of their own. We apply a cross-sectoral and cross-border approach, even for complex international takeovers and initial situations. It can be expected based on our special focus on loss-making companies that the implementation will be swift, professional and discrete.

Zachert Private Equity is headquartered in Grünheide (Germany), close to the Tesla Giga Factory, and has an office in Manhattan (New York). Transactions can be reviewed on short notice and be realized by means of equity.

The objective of each transaction is to continue the company and save jobs. Our focus rests on a successful restructuring and adjustment of the business model. At the same time, we do not rule out strategic acquisitions as part of a buy & build strategy. As a specialised investment company, we can implement change processes quickly and efficiently. This is the cornerstone for a successful and trusting restructuring, so that a constructive atmosphere can result.

Our participations are managed by CEOs with experience in the industry and rounded out by an advisory board with members who are well known in the industry. Depending on the company size, the turnaround can be achieved successfully within one and three years. In most cases, the loss of related orders can be expected in the short term in case of demergers from corporate groups. Here, we try to assure the outsourcing by a targeted takeover of companies that fit the strategy to thereby establish the participation independently on the market. We will implement structural and personnel adjustments as needed.


Olaf Zachert (born in 1977) is the Managing Director of Zachert Private Equity GmbH and Zachert Private Equity US Inc. He initially began his career in journalism and interned in 1995 at telefacts.tv Produktionsgesellschaft mbH in Essen as a television producer and reporter. He passed through various production departments there at RTL Television and the newspaper BILD Zeitung.

He then changed to Bloomberg TV London, a 100% subsidiary of the international financial information service Bloomberg L.P. His focus was on German DAX-listed companies, technology stocks and the New Market. When he was in his early 20s, he founded News Network, a media enterprise with eight national locations and more than 300 employees. In the year 2000, the company was contracted as a technical and production service provider for the stock exchange reporting of Bloomberg TV.

Due to the insolvency of Pro7 Sat1 AG at the time, restructuring and the financing client relationships followed through Crown Business Consultancy, at first for media enterprises and later on also for mid-sized business nationwide. In 2005, the transition to the private equity segment began. Through Thangol Holding, various investments were realised successfully in diverse industries (e.g. tourism, real estate, producing trade, services). Co-Investor and Chairman of the Advisory Board was his Father, Prof. Dr. Ulrich Zachert.

Zachert returned to the media industry on request by an investor in 2013 and became a member of the management board of Publishers Partners GmbH. He restructured the publisher and aligned it successfully on the online TV channel doppio.tv with headquarters in Berlin. He left the management on his own wishes in 2016.

Zachert Private Equity was founded by Olaf Zachert, who is the ultimate beneficial owner. A team of employees and external professionals supports him in his offices in Grünheide and New York.

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