Investment Background

The objective of each transaction is to continue the company and save jobs. Our focus rests on a successful restructuring and adjustment of the business model. At the same time, we do not rule out strategic acquisitions as part of a buy & build strategy. As a specialised investment company, we can implement change processes quickly and efficiently. This is the cornerstone for a successful and trusting restructuring, so that a constructive atmosphere can result.

Our participations are managed by CEOs with experience in the industry and rounded out by an advisory board with members who are well known in the industry. Depending on the company size, the turnaround can be achieved successfully within one and three years. In most cases, the loss of related orders can be expected in the short term in case of demergers from corporate groups. Here, we try to assure the outsourcing by a targeted takeover of companies that fit the strategy to thereby establish the participation independently on the market. We will implement structural and personnel adjustments as needed.